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Why Notre Dame Cathedral is so important to Catholics worldwide

This week is Holy Week, when millions of Western Christians mark the death and resurrection of Jesus. Under normal circumstances, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris would have been preparing to display its holy relics to the faithful on Good Friday. But as fire engulfed the sacred site on Monday, Catholics across the world reacted in…MORE

NASA’s TESS mission spots Earth-size exoplanet

NASA’s planet-hunting TESS mission has found its first Earth-size exoplanet in a star system only 53 light-years from Earth. Another exoplanet, a warm mini-Neptune, was found in the same system. “It’s so exciting that TESS, which launched just about a year ago, is already a game-changer in the planet-hunting business,” Johanna Teske, author of a…MORE

A fire gutted parts of Notre Dame Cathedral and altered the Paris skyline

A catastrophic fire engulfed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday, altering the city’s skyline and threatening a potent symbol of Catholicism at the start of Holy Week. The fire burned for several hours, destroying the 850-year-old cathedral’s iconic spire and roof before firefighters contained the blaze early Tuesday morning. A pair of bell towers…MORE

The first black hole to be photographed now has a name

That black hole you’ve seen everywhere now has a name. It’s been christened Powehi — a Hawaiian phrase referring to an “embellished dark source of unending creation.” The groundbreaking, first-ever photograph of a black hole was published around the world when it was unveiled on Wednesday, captivating viewers and providing the only direct visual evidence…MORE

Executions worldwide are at a 10-year low. But in the US, they rose

The number of executions carried out across the world have reached a 10-year low, according to a new report from human rights organization Amnesty International. At least 690 executions were carried out in 20 countries in 2018, which was a 31% decrease from 2017’s total of 993 executions or more. The report is a moment…MORE


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