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Walmart CEO Doug McMillon’s total pay was nearly $24 million last year

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon’s total compensation reached nearly $24 million during the last year as the company continued to hold its ground against Amazon and other rival retailers. McMillon’s salary was about $1.3 million and he was eligible for stock awards based on performance and values at $15.6 million. He is also eligible for about…MORE

Fact-checking Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax claims

While addressing a question from CNN’s Anderson Cooper on funding free tuition for college, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren touted her wealth tax proposal. “If we put that 2 cent wealth tax in place on the 75,000 largest fortunes in this country,” she said, “we can do universal child care for every baby 0 to 5,…MORE

‘Fortnite’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ are teaming up for a crossover event

What happens when two cultural phenomena combine for an epic multimedia crossover event? Fans go wild. That’s exactly what happened when the official Twitter account for the “Fortnite” video game posted a series of images promoting a crossover project with Marvel Studio’s “Avengers” franchise, using the hashtag #FortniteXAvengers. The image was captioned, “Whatever it takes”…MORE

College admission scandal: Loughlin and accused parents want to see evidence before filing substantive motions

Seventeen parents charged in connection with the college admission scandal — including actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli — are asking the court to suspend “substantive motion practice” until they can review the prosecutors’ evidence against them, according to a motion filed Monday. While the government has indicated discovery is “extremely voluminous,” defendants…MORE

White House may seek to prevent McGahn from complying with House subpoena

The White House may seek to prevent former White House counsel Don McGahn from complying with a subpoena issued by the House Judiciary Committee that demands his cooperation in its probe into potential obstruction of justice, CNN has learned. A source familiar with the discussion said the White House could assert executive privilege over specific…MORE

‘Avengers: Endgame’ triumphantly caps Marvel universe

Having set up a formidable task and then some with the finish of “Infinity War,” “Avengers: Endgame” rises to the challenge, delivering an epic finale that proves immensely satisfying. Without being too grandiose, it also feels like the culmination of everything Marvel has built in conquering the pop-culture universe. “Endgame” is a massive undertaking in…MORE

Judge rules South Bend’s tape case involving Buttigieg can continue

A judge in Indiana ruled Monday that the so-called South Bend tapes case — which has received newfound scrutiny amid Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential run — can continue to trial, ensuring that the issue will drag on at the same time that the Indiana Democrat runs for president. The highly contested and litigated controversy hinges…MORE

Pelosi says she will meet with Trump next week about infrastructure

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday she will meet with President Donald Trump next week to talk about possible infrastructure legislation, following days of members of her own party urging her and other House leaders to pursue impeachment. “We’ll be meeting with the President next week, when we come back, to talk about what the…MORE


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